AquaSearch GOLD is a colour variant of the conventional rainbow trout phenotype characterised by orange to golden skin colour and clear reddish horizontal line on the side. This remarkable colour variant is well perceived in all sizes in the whole fish market and recreational fishing industry, where the impressive appearance adds to the experience.

AquaSearch GOLD is available in a diploid all female version and sterile triploid version, allowing trout farmers to grow any size required until about 8 – 10 kg, reached during the second third production year, pending conditions and temperature profile at the farm.

AquaSearch GOLD is developed specifically to the above-mentioned requirements, with main focus on growth rate and homogenic golden appearance.

Genetic background and breeding

The golden colour variant of the rainbow trout originates from a decade long selecting and breeding effort by Danish trout farmer Svend Pape at Purhus Dambrug in the seventies and eighties. Genetics has since been spread and multiplied throughout Europe and other countries. AquaSearch acquired the original strain in 2017 and has since maintained the breeding effort with focus mainly on the unique golden skin characteristics and phenotypic homogeneity. Because of the niche and limited nature of the market, AquaSearch GOLD is only available from one broodstock farm and only during a limited part of the year (November – January).

General breeding traits

  • Golden characteristic
  • Phenotype homogeneity
  • Improved growth rate
  • Optional breeding traits

No current optional additional breeding traits offered

General characteristics

The breeding line dates back to the early 70ties and is characterised not only by the golden phenotype appearance, but also by an apparent less timorous feeding and general behaviour. AquaSearch GOLD is not spoked in quite the same way as generally seen with rainbow trout.

  • Specific disease-free origin
  • High hatchability (> 90 % guarantied*)
  • *Pending recognized hatching conditions
  • Guarantied all female material
  • High stress tolerance.
  • High growth rate
  • Low feed conversion rate
  • Elongated body shape.
  • Potential high feeding rate