Large rainbow trout of 3,5 kg and more, with well pigmented flesh and attractive silvery exterior has become an ever more popular alternative or supplement to the Atlantic salmon and other salmonids in sea farming.

In addition to the positive perception of the saltwater reared rainbow trout (steelhead) in the marked, the general characteristics of the rainbow trout gives this species a competitive edge in both saltwater and freshwater. AquaSearch CROSS, has been developed for the production of large rainbow trout in both saltwater (steelhead trout) and freshwater, but will also be a significant asset to other production types, where high growth rate and low risk of second winter maturation is important.

Genetic background and breeding

AquaSearch CROSS is a crossbreed between the original AquaSearch SALT and Norwegian AquaGen material dating 5 – 7 fish generations back, arriving to AquaSearch via Sweden. AquaSearch SALT originate from a selected array of Danish rainbow trout strains, some which has been domesticated by mass selection for more than 40 years.

The current AquaSearch CROSS family breeding programme, is supported by genetic marker assisted selection of broodstock as well as male contribution of

various QTL’s in commercial batches on request.

Improved growth rate

  • Continued growth after 2,5 kg
  • Reduced risk of second winter maturation (supported by patented genetic marker use)
  • Silvery exterior
  • Fillet colour (Supported by use of genetic markers)
  • Improved RTFS resistance (supported by use of up to 10 different genetic markers)
  • Improved vibriosis resistance (supported by use of genetic markers)

Additional traits on request

  • Additional reduced risk of second winter maturation (marker assisted selection)
  • Additional improved RTFS resistance (marker assisted selection)
  • Additional improved vibriosis resistance (marker assisted selection)
  • Improved white spot disease resistance (marker assisted selection)

General characteristics

When the unique features of the AquaGen material is combined with the original AquaSearch SALT
at AquaSearch premises, the general characteristics of AquaSearch CROSS can be summarized as follow:

  • Specific disease-free origin
  • High hatchability (> 95% guarantied*)
  • *Pending recognized hatching conditions
  • Guarantied all female material
  • Only 4- or 5-year-old maturing brood stock used.
  • High saltwater tolerance.
  • General stress and disease tolerance.
  • High growth rate
  • Continued growth after 2,5 kg
  • Low feed conversion rate
  • Elongated body shape.
  • Potential high feeding rate
  • Specific improved disease resistance