AquaSearch newsletter Mar 2023

Winter Season

The Winter season 2022-2023 has been both busy and unpredictable. The cost base in particular, has been difficult to control for both AquaSearch and our customers. We do however now see some positive trends, with decreasing electricity costs and some stabilization of other important expenses, and it appears we now have a new normal in this everchanging world. We cross our fingers that this also goes for transport and feed prices, and we can enter the spring/summer with sensible transport and feed prices.


Construction and biomass buildup is now almost completed at AquaSearch’s dedicated CROSS+ broodstock unit. We have already supplied the first trial batches successfully from this new breeding line. Meaning that we will supply CROSS+ on a fully commercial scale to customers around the world during the coming season. AquaSearch CROSS+ will be available from November to May/June. In terms of growth this strain will be a gamechanger in the marked. For more info on growth potential, general performance and data sheets for this new strain, please inquire directly

Joint University projects:

AquaSearch currently run two scientific projects in collaboration with Copenhagen University:

  • Green fish breeding (GREFIB), focusing mainly on correlating genetic markers with natural resistance against various fish diseases by combining laboratory challenge trials with genome wide association studies. Fish diseases in the study include serious viral diseases like: VHS, IPN and IHN.
  • Efficient breeding of RTFS resistant rainbow trout (EGYR). A project aiming at validating the effect of some of the many genetic markers identified in relation to natural resistance against rainbow trout fry syndrome, in the lab as well as the field. The project is an important cornerstone in turning scientific findings into permanent genetic improvements and commercially available products.

Summer period:

The summer season is closing in, and for our customers this means, paperwork should be in place and import permission should be filed, to make everyone ready for the summer. Also, it is very important for you and for AquaSearch that egg requirements for the summer period is communicated well in advanced as supply during June/July/August is limited.

Contact us for reservations and for correct information’s for the import permission.

Best wishes and thank you for a good winter season.

The AquaSearch team