About us

Fårup Mølle Dambrug were purchased in February 2000 and more broods-stock farms were added to the portfolio the following years. In 2006 AquaSearch ova ApS where founded, and early 2008 the first vision technology based egg sorting machines were implemented. With the introduction of vision technology based egg sorting machines and a larger and more complex production and product range, it soon became relevant to centralize sorting and packing close to an international airport. In 2011 AquaSearch ova ApS sorting, packing and office facility in Billund were ready to sort, pack and distribute eggs. To bring quality standards and capacity to an even higher level the ProSorter project were launched in 2012 and these highly sophisticated and gentle egg sorting machines have been used by AquaSearch since.

Golden trout eggs were added to AquaSearch product range in 2017 and later that year the Norwegian based AquaGen AS purchased 51% of AquaSearch ova ApS.

The partial ownership by AquaGen AS allow AquaSearch access to highly developed and specialized Norwegian breeding line, with unique growth and saltwater adaptation features and a hybrid breeding line between the AquaGen strain and selected AquaSearch material were established in 2019. The resulting egg production is now gradually becoming available to the market.